2011 Your Choice Bull Sale
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On behalf of the Delorme Families: South Shadow Angus, Boundary Angus, Kay Dee Angus and nephew at Bear Creek Angus

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* Astericks indicate Calving-Ease Sire Suggestions

40 YEARLING BULLS: $3615.00
5 Two Yr Old Bulls: $3960.00
1 Donation Heifer (commercial angus): $1025.00

Yearling Black Angus Bulls
Sire Dam Price Purchaser
13X King Eileen 35T 4800.00 L Armstrong ~ repeat purchaser
*81X* King Errolline 814U 3900.00 Cypress Farming Co ~ repeat purchaser
*42X* Focus 35U Diamond 823U 5700.00 Newell Angus ~ repeat purchaser ~ Kay Dee Angus High Seller
*67X* Focus 35U Ruby 859U 5100.00 Oberle Farms
146X Focus 35U Beauty 889U 3300.00 Horton Ranch ~ repeat purchaser
108X Density Diamond 25R scratch
65X Density Errolline 57R 3200.00 Ternes Land & Cattle
101X Density Diamond 33T 5500.00 C Richardson ~ repeat purchaser
120X Freedom 92U Akita 69T 3700.00 C & N Schock ~ repeat purchaser
77X Freedom 92U Diamond 44T 5600.00 76 Grazing Co-op ~ repeat purchaser
128X Freedom 92U Ruby 29T 5100.00 Carmichael Farming Co
52X Final Answer Akita 851U 3100.00 J & B Schwan
*54X* Final Answer Errolline 807U 5600.00 T & C Leismeister ~ repeat purchaser
17X Net Worth Eileen 36L 4100.00 Baynton Ranch ~ repeat purchaser
125X Focus 8T Eileen 60S 3300.00 Arndt Ent Ltd ~ repeat purchaser
163X Focus 8T Eileen 6P scratch
137X Right Way 68S Joyce 2P 2000.00 M Darling ~ repeat purchaser
79X Encore Diamond 38P 2500.00 Horton Ranch ~ repeat purchaser
85X Encore Eileen 16L scratch
92X Encore Diamond 13K scratch
112X Wild Fire Akita 17R 2600.00 B Whitney ~ repeat purchaser
33X Attraction Joyce 18R 6300.00 B Armstrong ~ repeat purchaser ~ South Shadow Angus High Seller
21X Attraction Errolline 42N 2800.00 Ternes Land & Cattle
83X Comm Bond Errolline 54P 2900.00 D & S Roy
Two Year Old Black Angus Bulls - from Guest Consignor: Bear Creek Angus, Chad Weiss
Sire Dam Price Purchaser
56W Density 26T Lav Lady 56’05 3600.00 T Armstrong (repeat sale purchaser)
66W Density 26T New Day 66S 4500.00 76 Grazing Co-op (repeat sale purchaser)
22W Density 26T Pridista 22R 3300.00 D Morvik (repeat sale purchaser)
50W Density 26T Blackbird 56R 3900.00 C Richardson (repeat sale purchaser)
*71W* Density 26T Augusta 71W 4500.00 Perrin Ranching (repeat sale purchaser)
Yearling Black Angus Bulls
Sire Dam Price Purchaser
10X Attraction Akita 19S 3600.00 Hanson Ranches ~ repeat purchaser
84X Attraction Pride 41M 1700.00 A Haggart
144X Focus 8T Eileen 30N scratch
147X Focus 8T Diamond 147X 2500.00 J Whitney (x3) ~ repeat purchaser
151X Focus 8T Errolline 22R scratch
*43X* Focus 35U Ruby 883U 4500.00 Eview Farming Co
*63X* Focus 35U Errolline 878U 3900.00 A & L Frank ~ repeat purchaser
*12X* Focus 35U Neonia 13U scratch
9X Density Akita 32P 4800.00 Cross C Cattle ~ repeat purchaser
74X Density Eileen 36D scratch
23X Density Diamond 10P 2900.00 J Whitney ~ repeat purchaser
132X Freedom 92U Errolline 10T 3100.00 P DeMars ~ repeat purchaser
161X Freedom 92U Akita 55S 3800.00 C & N Schock (repeat purchaser) ~ Boundary Angus High Seller
34X Lookout Errolline 14N 3300.00 D & S Roy
66X Lookout Diamond 4T 3300.00 Nicol Ranch
41X Net Worth Blackcap 55P 5700.00 Speargrass Cattle Co
57X King Diamond 2S 3200.00 R & C Weiss
95X King Diamond 53S 2400.00 T & T Jacksteit ~ repeat purchaser
135X Right Way 68S Donaleen 29R 2600.00 K Elliott ~ repeat purchaser
51X Encore Errolline 1R scratch
113X Encore Ruby 70S scratch
91X Wild Fire Errolline 7L 3100.00 K Thierman
136X Rain On 35R Akita 13M 2300.00 G Purves
124X SSA 92U Errolline 55T 2400.00 J Whitney ~ repeat purchaser
166X Right Way 68S Akita 39S 2300.00 Horton Ranch ~ repeat purchaser
71X Net Worth Blackbird 35P 2100.00 G Purves
“Scratch” bulls available by private treaty
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