Extended Pedigree Notes for the Sire, Mr Parteebuilt:

His sire, Robins Parteebuilt, has sired APHA  World & Reserve Champions,  Multiple Superior Champions,  APHA Versatility and  ROM awards and Futurity winners, 5295 performance points...1409 halter points.  His Grand Sire; Mr Robin Boy, is an APHA Champion himself,
as well as Superior All-Around, National and Reserve Halter Champion and a Performance Versatility Award winner with Superiors in 8 events. His get have earned over 15,000 performance and halter points. Mr Robin Boy is sired by Painted Robin Jr., APHA champion with a Superior in Halter, who is by Painted Robin 800 sire of Champions, by Robin Boy.

Complimenting the APHA Champions are Buz Burnett, an AQHA Champion, and Dandy Toppsie  who has her own performance and halter points and is sired by Superior Halter Champion, Quincy Dan.

His Dam; Lady Shi Di, is the product of multiple winners, each with their own ROM's in Performance and Halter, through the AQHA.
         <>  Mistic Bar by Gay Bar King by Three Bars
         <>  Sandi Pie San with a Superior Halter
         <>  Skip Shi by Skippers King by Skipper W
         <>  Balmy Joe Bar by Zanzabar Joe with
Performance points and a Superior in Halter, by Nug Bar

Extended Pedigree Notes for the Dam, Kilobar Diamond:

Terrific Shipleave ($70,000 in winnings, Superior Race)
              Ship Leave  by Nosomo by Nasrullah
              Terrific Dee (SI 100, Superior Race) by Mister Terrific                              (ROM Race)
Deckers Dee (ROM Race)
               Carter Decker(ROM Race) by Moon Deck (ROM                                      Race,$22,000 earnings) by Top Deck
               Sugar's Reba Lee by Sugar Bars
               Cadee Hi by Captain Hibar (ROM Race)
Two Kilobar
              King Leo Bar (ROM Halter & Performance, SI 95) Leo Bar                        (ROM Race) by Three Bars
              Fashion Page by Page Lee
Miss Lano Lou
              Poki 3 Nannette by Poco Sunday
              Janet Starling by Starling out of Janet Dexter
" SSAP Ladee Di Leavin "

May 03,  2004  ~   Chestnut Overo Filly  ~  APHA #  786,314
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Don and Connie Delorme
Box 28, Robsart, Saskatchewan  -  S0N 2G0

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Ship Leave
Terrific Shipleave
Terrific Dee
Diamond Shipleave
Carter Decker
Deckers Dee
Cadee Hi
Dam:  Kilobar Diamond (AQHA)
King Leo Bar
Two Kilobar
Fashion Page
Kilobar Lou
Poki 3 Nannette
Miss Lano Lou
Janet Starling
Painted Robin Jr. (APHA)
Mr Robin Boy (APHA)
Miss McGinley (APHA)
Robins Parteebuilt (APHA)
Buz Burnett
Si Bar Si (AQHA)
Dandy Toppsie
SIRE:  Mr Parteebuilt  (APHA)
Mistic Bar
Mistic Pie San
Sandi Pie San
Lady Shi Di (AQHA)
Skip Shi
Lady Skip Shi
Balmy Joe Bar
" Di " is a tried and true cross.  Five of the eight full sisters
are being used in and out of the arena for work and pleasure.
(4 colored & 4 solids - 1 deceased)  Her yearling sister (high selling
foal of the 2003 South-Country Breeders Production Sale) is owned
and being brought along by a young high school student.
Four of them are working in various points of Alberta, one in
central Saskatchewan and the oldest,  Bonnet, has been
promoted to broodmare here at home.

Pictures of full sisters may be seen by visiting the Dam's
page or Horses Sold
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Received from the Thornton Family of Texas:

(received Oct 13, 2004 - 6 days after she left here, left Oct 8th and arrived in Texas very late on the evening of Oct 10th)

Well yesterday was the Weanling Tag in.You should be proud Di,She loaded
andunloaded like it was old school. She is starting to settle in nicely. I was
extremely proud of her. She was the talk of the event and I almost felt bad
for everyone else, It was like being in a poker game with a full house and
then have somebody drop a Royal Flush on you at the last minute. I felt like
I was on a date with a celebrity. Don't want to sound to proud but she pranced
around that arena like she came there to show them what she was made of.
She did you good.

  (received Sept 07, 2005)

Di is  making an outstanding yearling.
2003 Filly - high selling foal in the 2003
SCHB Sale - Barry Kusler Family, Alberta
2001 Mare - sold to Jennifer Sauer,
central Saskatchewan
1997 Mare - rode for three years, now
promoted to the broodmare band here at home.
More Pictures & Extended Pedigree Below
Sire +
in new
Di has moved to the Thornton Family ranch of Montgomery.
Thank you for your support and confidence in our horses.











SOLD to the Thornton Family of Texas