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Commercial Black Angus Cattle

The commercial straight bred black angus cow herd consists of the ranch holdings of Don and Connie, Darby and Sarah, and Connie's parents; Alfred and Josephine Wardberg. 

Three generations working together to continue the angus tradition which was established in 1948 by Connie's Grandparents.

Breeding . . . Calving

The cow herd remains to be 100% straight bred black Angus.  The 2009 breeding season marked the beginning of our crossbred program in which one-half of the cow herd is covered with Black Simmental bulls ~ all our replacements are selected from the Black Angus sired heifers.    

The sort on the cow herd is done by Mother Nature as per sex of calf.  With a split by the calf's sex, either Black Angus or Black Simmental Herd Sires are turned out with the cow herd for a middle of April calving season. The Angus bulls are raised in our purebred program and the Black Simmental sires are purchased from  Boundary Ranch.
Spring and Summer Management 

Depending on spring conditions, winter feeding is continued until the pasture can offer green grass or carry over of last year's growth.  The commercial herd is pasture calved.  Calves are branded, vaccinated and castrated early June.  

Pairs are sorted -  cows with steer calves go to different pasture than those with heifer calves.  Our land base is spread out so weaning the feeder steer calves in the fall, is economically more efficient if the calves are all loaded at the same time and place.  It also allows us to select the breed sires on a random group of cows each year.
Left:  Feeder steers with mother cows, sell in the Fall.
The Angus sired calves carry the Canadian Angus Associations CACP (RFID) tags.  Age verification available.
Fall and Winter Management ______

The steer and heifer calves are weaned onto a tubground bunk ration of silage, dryland hay & green feed bales with free-choice dryland hay, salt & mineral.  Booster vaccinations are given.     Bred heifers and the cowherd fall graze the stubble until conditions warrant ther winter ration of baled greenfeed and dryland hay/grass.  Salt and mineral is offered free-choice, year a round.


 Steer Calves

Replacement  Heifers  For  Sale

Our Replacements

65 +  years  of  Black  Angus  Cattle
Above:  Weaning Heifers Replacements sell in April
About  the  Commercial
Black  Angus  Cattle  Herd
June photo of the cow herd with Angus sired calves (green tags) and Simmental sired calves (orange tags)  ... bull calves soon to be steers!
Late Winter, a few of the bulls sensing that spring is in the air!
South Shadow Angus + Paints is a family ranch operation in Saska  The purebred black angus bulls are sold private treaty and are sired by top maternal traits and top performance traits.
The  annual offering of 
 home-raised open commercial replacement heifers
Above photo:  Heading home from the Bench place for more pairs ~ gawd I hate this hill !!!
   Commercial  Black  Angus  Cattle  
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The Delorme Livestok Ranch; South Shadow Angus, APHA / AQHA Horses is a family ranch operation in Saskatchewan, Canada, producing black angus seedstock from their registered, purebred black angus herds and breeding Paint, APHA, horses.  The angus seedstock includes registered black angus yearling bulls and commercial angus replacement heifers. black angus cattle, black angus replacement heifers, angus bulls for sale, angus commercial heifers, commercial black cattle, black angus females, bred heifers. angus feeder steers, APHA horses, paint foals for sale, ranch horses, black angus cows, Paint horses, horse sale, horse auctions, horses for sale, AQHA horses for sale, APHA horses for sale, foals, horses, breeding, stallions, mares, gelding, angus females, breeders.
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd