Utilizing herd bulls raised in our own herd, A.I. sires and an ET program coupled with a cowherd that has been productive, predictable and paying their way for over four decades displays our long term goals and devotion to cattle that we believe can survive, are predictable and perform under a variety of conditions and resources.
Jay En Dee Blackbird 11W
Our herd has been enrolled in the Canadian Angus Association's Performance Program since its initiation.  EPD's can be an important tool. Although they are not perfect or absolute, as the convenience traits; fertility, fleshing ability, soundness, disposition, etc are not measured by EPD's.  

The above traits - the ones with direct economical value are the ones, we as breeders use in our cattle selection.   When push comes to shove, it's the ones that produce more - on less .... those are the animals which will "have a history" around here and are economically important to our commercial customers.
Medicine Hat Pen Show
2015 : South Shadow Angus - Call back on Pen of Bulls finale.
2014 : South Shadow Angus - Call back on Pen of Bulls finale.
2012 : South Shadow Angus - Grand Champion Pen of Commercial Open Heifers        
          Boundary Ranch - (Simmental entry) - People's Choice Bull Calf. 
2011 : Boundary Ranch - People's Choice Futurity Bull Champion (Simmental Entry)
2011 : South Shadow Angus - Grand Champion Pen of Commercial Open Heifers
2010 : Boundary Ranch - Reserve Champion Pen of Commercial Open Heifers
2009 : South Shadow Angus - People's Choice of Purebred Pen of Heifers
2008 : Boundary Ranch - Grand Champion Pen of Bulls (Simmental Entry)
2007 : South Shadow - People's Choice Purebred Pen of Heifers
2006 : South Shadow - Reserve Champion Purebred Pen of Heifers
          South Shadow - Grand Champion Commercial Pen of Heifers
2005 : South Shadow was awarded the People's Choice Purebred Pen of Heifers

Swift Current Pen Show: 
We haven't attended since 2011 ~ the new September show usually finds us still harvesting.
2010 :  South Shadow Angus - Grand Champion Heifer Calf
           South Shadow Angus - Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair [bull calf]           
           Boundary Ranch - (Simmental entry) - Reserve Bull Calf. 
2009 :  Cow with a Heifer Calf: 3rd - Boundary Ranch - (Simmental entry)
   Heifer Calf Class: 2nd - Boundary Ranch - (Simmental entry)  ~  3rd - South Shadow Angus
   Bull Calf Class: 1st - South Shadow Angus  ~  3rd - Boundary Ranch - (Simmental entry)
           Heifer Calf Calcutta: 2nd - Don Delorme             Bull Calf Calcutta: 1st - Sarah Delorme

Working,  profitable cow families and selective matings equals seedstock that contributes to the success of our customers. 

Herd Name:  South Shadow AngusDon & Connie Delorme
Tattoo:  SSA         Est. 1993

Herd Name:  Boundary Angus  Go To Ranch Web Site ;  Darby & Sarah  Delorme 
Tattoo:  DLD        Est: 1999
Daughters; Isabella & Mackayla's Herd Name: Jay En Dee  
(from Great Grandparent's:  John & Florence Delorme)
Tattoo:  IJS        Est: 2009

Herd Name:  Kay Dee Angus ; Kalee Barnard
Tattoo:  KD         Est: 1999
Her children; Nevaeh, Aeverie & Oskar's Herd Name: Prairie Pride
(from Great Grandparent's:  Alfred & Josephine Wardberg)
Tattoo:  NPP        Est: 2009

The Foundation Herd  ~  Jay En Dee Angus
John and Florence Delorme
Tattoo:  IJS        Est: 1963
The South Shadow registered Black Angus program began in ernest in 1993, with the purchase of an elite set of thirty Jay En Dee foundation females from Don's parents, John and Florence Delorme.

The Jay En Dee Angus herd was established in 1963 and had long been associated with quality breeding stock.  The Jay En Dee cows were a functionaly sound set, attesting to their longevity and value, most produced well into their teens.
The herd sire selection for your appraisal this spring.
Jay En Dee Blackbird 11W  [above]  raising a  bull calf at 16 years of age ..... at 17 & 18, she gave us two A.I. heifer calves.   Seventeen calves born to two generations of the Delorme Angus program. 
An original foundation 
purchase from Mom and Dad's 
Jay En Dee herd, 36D was flushed twice and raised a natural calf every year until 2011 at 17 years of age .
21 of our cows hold "Elite Dam" status with the Canadian Angus Assoc.

These females can be found on the Diamond, Joyce, Errolline, Pride, Eileen, 
Patsy and Ruby cow family pages
Above:  Commercial Replacements  Heifers
From our commercial herd & sired by home raised bulls 
Below:  Steer Calves
The program is committed to producing moderate birth weights, strong maternal, cost efficient, performance cattle that are easy fleshing and require minimum maintenance while working in our sometimes harsh conditions of long, cold winters and hot, dry summers here in the shortgrass area of S.W.  Saskatchewan. 

Our appreciation for this type of cattle evolved over the years of working with our own commercial angus herd.
How to Read and Use EPD Data
Since 1963 ... quality,  efficiency  &  dependability
Breeding & Calving
The working cowherd consists of approx. 190 head plus the replacement females. Progressive improvement is achieved by using natural service by home-grown bulls, A.I. sires and an embryo transplant program.   The January to March calving generally uses 3 seperate lots and  is watched under video camera with  access to the barn as the weather warrants. Cows are A.I.'d, one cycle for a mid-January start to calving.  The females are then grouped for a cleanup mating to one of three or four bulls. 
The pairs are moved to summer fields of tame grass (optimally) in early May.  Come June they hit the native grasses.  We've made the decision not to creep feed while at mother's side. A management decision that isn't practical for us as it would mean creep-feeding the commercial calves that share their fields.  Weaning takes place early in the fall. The cows go back with the commercial pairs on native fields until the commercial calves are weaned. October through December they graze stubble and marginal lands with winter conditions dictating  when bales are provided. 
All the cattle have year round, free-choice mineral and are poured with a parasite treatment in the late fall.  Calfhood vaccinations include 7-way, IBR, P1-3, BRSV; boostered in fall.  Bred females are on the  Scour Bos program.

The purebred breeding herd  share a winter feed ration with the commercial herd. Early winter feeding is rolled out dryland grass/hay and greenfeed bales.  As calving time draws near, they are sorted from the commercial herd, bunks are moved to their lot and a similar ration is tub-ground for higher energy and nutrient value. 

The weaned heifer and bull calves are bunk broke on a straight roughage ration of dryland grass/hay bales.  About 3 weeks after weaning we do try to pail feed home grown rolled barley twice a day for a few weeks, to quieten down the bull group.  The most grain the bulls will receive  is  6 lbs /head/day ~ a gradual increase reached at 12 mths of age.  The heifers receive no grain supplement.  Roughage ration varies depending on the severity of our winter; it is a weighed measure  of silage, dryland hay & greenfeed bales. 
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
"Your Choice" Black Angus Bull & Heifer Sale 
The bull you select is the result of many years of dedication to the Black Angus breed by the Delorme family.
EPD and Performance Records   
Herd Management
Show Records   
We are fully aware that show records are used very successfully by many breeders as a merchandising tool.  It is a path we haven't chosen to follow except for two local Pen Shows in Medicine Hat (3rd weekend in Dec) and Swift Current (3rd weekend in Sept).  
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"Your Choice" Black Angus Bull Sale 
The tradition continues . . .
we celebrated 50 Years as Purebred Black Angus Breeders and 65 Years as Commercial Black Angus Breeders in 2013.
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
Black Angus Bulls for Sale
The Delorme Livestock Ranch; South Shadow Angus, APHA / AQHA Horses is a family ranch operation in Saskatchewan, Canada, producing black angus seedstock from their registered, purebred black angus herds and breeding Paint, APHA, horses.  The angus seedstock includes registered black angus yearling bulls, commercial angus replacement heifersand bred heifers. The horse program offers prospects for ranch, performance and pleasure in roping, stock, cow, cutting, reined cowhorse events.
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Registered APHA  &  AQHA Ranch and Performance Horses
The Delorme Family proudly celebrated  50 Years as Purebred Black Angus Breeders and  65 Years as Commercial Black Angus Breeders in 2013 ... read more
The  annual  offering  of  home-raised  open  commercial  replacement  heifers  available  now  by  private  treaty 
Visitors and Inquiries  Are  Always Welcome
Give us a call and stop by for a tour and visit.
Please do not hesitate to  CONTACT  US  if you have further questions concerning our Black Angus program.
Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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