Black  Angus  Heifers  we've  retained  for the  future  of  our  commercial  herd.

Each year a total of between 30 and 45 home-raised heifers are kept.
10 to 15 for each generation in today's operation.

Although ran and managed the same - the family members tag with their own set of numbers on different colored tags.  This allows us to keep records on the individual cows performance through the years as well as tag each calf at birth for sorting pairs to their respective summer fields.  It also makes age verification possible on an individual basis.

If you looking for that special group of BRED Heifers that the neighbors will envy - check out our
Breds For Sale or breed them up the way you want with a group from our Open Yearling Replacement Heifers
Our  Replacements   s   Straight-bred  Black  Angus  Heifers
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Commercial Black Angus Cattle
The following group of heifers are our replacement females.   Bred to home-raised, calving-ease bulls, they will start calving in early April. Photos taken 2 weeks prior to calving.
Our Black Angus
Replacement Heifers
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Commercial Black Angus Cattle
If you are in the market for
open, yearling replacements, 
we will be offering our 32nd set
of females as
open replacement heifers
in April 2018
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
  Commercial  Black  Angus  Cattle 
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The Delorme Livestok Ranch; South Shadow Angus, APHA / AQHA Horses is a family ranch operation in Saskatchewan, Canada, producing black angus seedstock from their registered, purebred black angus herds and breeding Paint, APHA, horses.  The angus seedstock includes registered black angus yearling bulls and commercial angus replacement heifers. black angus cattle, black angus replacement heifers, angus bulls for sale, angus commercial heifers, commercial black cattle, black angus females, bred heifers. angus feeder steers, APHA horses, paint foals for sale, ranch horses, black angus cows, Paint horses, horse sale, horse auctions, horses for sale, AQHA horses for sale, APHA horses for sale, foals, horses, breeding, stallions, mares, gelding, angus females, breeders.
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