EPD and Performance Records: Our herd has been enrolled in the Canadian Angus Association's Performance Program since its initiation.

EPD's can be an important tool, although they are not perfect or absolute.  Beyond the breed EPD data/performance testing, there remains essential herd traits which our cattle must have.  These traits include fleshing ability, capacity, fertility, a gentle disposition and structural correctness. We believe visual appraisal and individual performance and type are just as important in selective breeding decisions.
Reference Sires; Walking and A.I. for the 2016 born purebred calves.
The sons and daughters are offered to you in our
April 14, 2017  Your Choice Black Angus Bull Sale
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Reference Sires:
Walking  &  A. I.
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  About the Registered Herd 

Herd Builders: Reference Sires from the Past
Mark  Friday,  April 14,  2017 on your calendar for our Annual   "Your Choice" Black Angus Bull Sale
The tradition continues ...
Our Family celebrated 50 Years as
Purebred Black Angus Breeders and 65 Years
as Commercial Black Angus Breeders in 2013.
_______________  A.I.  Service Sires  : 2016 born calf crop   _______________
Angus Association Information
Born: 2008   ~ Birth Wt:  67
205 Adj Wt:  576   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1062
SIRE:  TC Freedom 104 
DAM:  South Shadow Akita 21L
WALKING HERD SIRE: 92U has a lot of performance with a big foot and lots of testicle. His sire, TC Freedom has left exceptional females. His dam, 21L was sired by the Widespread bull who expressed a lot of muscle and performance.  21L was sold and flushed with embryos going to the UK.
Black Angus Reference Sire SSAP 104 FREEDOM 92U
Black Angus Sire SSA 68S RIGHT WAY 134X
Angus Association Information
Born: 2010   ~ Birth Wt:  96
205 Adj Wt:  719   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1253
SIRE:  Big Sky DLD Right Way 68S 
DAM:  South Shadow Eileen 2N
WALKING HERD SIRE: Phenomenal performance and out of our smallest framed Eileen cow whose Dam produced until 17 yrs of age with no TLC.  A bull that displays thickness, volume, great scrotal developement, a WW ratio of 108, and a YW ratio of 120.
Regardless of whether you want bulls or heifers, New Frontier is highly proven for producing solid growth with reasonable birth weights and great total carcass value. His first daughters here look great with good udder structure.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2009   ~ Birth Wt:  78
205 Adj Wt:  817   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1420

Performance, Eye Appeal & Outcross
Consensus is an outcross pedigree for us.  His calves are the "cattlemen's kind".  Calves have tremendous growth and eye appeal.  Consensus was the all time high seller for Connealy Angus at $210,000!
Angus Association Information
Born: 2006   ~ Birth Wt:  88 lb  
205 Adj Wt:  845   ~ 365 Adj Wt: 1600

EPDs, Performance, Profile
Potentially Upward’s alltime best son considering his performance, genomic profile and overall EPD package. Unique pedigree ranking in the top 1% of the breed for YW, Milk, $Feedlot and $Beef.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2005   ~ Birth Wt:  79
205 Adj Wt:  817   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1481

Low Birth Weight and Phenotype
Connealy Thunder offers outcross pedigree, outstanding BW and growth EPD's, with muscle and eye catching phenotype.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2011   ~ Birth Wt:  72
Weaning Wt:  785   ~ 365 Adj Wt: 1391

Phenotype and Calving Ease
Calving ease combined with performance with exceptional depth of muscle, rib capacity and a birth weight EPD which ranks him in the top 1% of the breed! His calves here are long, smooth and corre
S A V 004 DENSITY 4336
Angus Association Information
Born: 2004   ~ Birth Wt:  84
205 Adj Wt:  910   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1486

One of the most influential maternal sires and holds Elite status himself. He is unmatched for his ability to consistently stamp his feminine, heavy milking daughters with impeccable udder quality, broodiness and maternal function.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2011   ~ Birth Wt:  83
205 Adj Wt:  920   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1367

Growth, Carcass Merit & Maternal Ability
Resource is thick and deep, yet structurally perfect in his feet and legs
in a modest 5.5 frame package. Out of the May cow family which go back to Jay En Dee Mandy, a cow bred by Don's parents in the early 1980's.
South Shadow Angus + Paints are Black Angus cattle breeders, raising registered black angus bulls for sale, commercial black angus replacement heifers, angus calves, feeder and grasser calves  from a cow calf foundation herd.  Breeding bulls, angus females, steer calves as well as APHA, paint ranch, performance and pleasure horses by a champion stallion and his broodmare band. Paint foals, fillies, colts mares and rope horses offered for sale at a production sale.
Black AngusReference Sires - performance, calving ease, epd
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About the Registered Herd
Angus Association Information
Born: 2011   ~ Birth Wt:  75
205 Adj Wt:  n/a   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  n/a
SIRE:  Early Sunset Tommy Boy 8W 
DAM:  Early Sunset Lady Ann 110W
WALKING HERD SIRE:  A very balanced bull with good feet, legs and lots
of muscle. His smooth shoulder and small head aided all of his progeny
to arrive unassisted. His Dam is a very feminine, nice uddered female.
Sire of the 2014 high selling bull 56A to Mark Daines and the 2015 2nd highest  bull to Tannas Ranches and Diamond T Angus.
_      Up and Coming for the 2018 Bull Sale      _
2017  BORN  Calves sired by:
·  R B Tour Of Duty 177
·  Connealy Thunder
·  S A V Resource 1441
·  S A V 004 Density 4336
·  B/R New Frontier 095
·  Shipwheel Chinook
·  S Titlest 1145
·  N Bar Emulation EXT
·  Baldridge Download Z013
·  S A V Net Worth 4200
·  (South Shadow) SSA 104 Freedom 92U
·  (South Shadow) SSA 68S Right Way 134X
·  South Shadow 134X Riteway 159B
·  Early Sunset Tom Boy 6Y
·  South Shadow 6Y Tomboy 130B
·  SSA Bismarck 93Z
·  SSA Gridiron 98Z
·  TSN Order Of Duty 73C
·  Boundary Titlest 3C
·  Diamond T Wrath 1509 - GR 9A
·  Tannas Fortitude 22C
Angus Association Information
Born: 2005   ~ Birth Wt:  85
205 Adj Wt:  902   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1395

EPDs and Phenotype.
His progeny are moderate framed, thick and easy fleshing, with performance. Has a flawless EPD tabulation, with an outstanding balanced phenotype, great muscle expression and exceptional daughters.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2011   ~ Birth Wt:  86
205 Adj Wt:  798   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1495

Performance and phenotype
High performance genetics from a proven, high-impact cow family.  Combines big time curve bender spread with powerful type and kind. 
Moderate birth weight bull with top 5% growth values.  Big footed and sound structured, transmitting added length and outstanding Docility
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Angus Association Information
Born: 2013   ~ Birth Wt:  90
205 Adj Wt:  725   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1091
SIRE:  Sitz Upward 307R (featured below)
DAM:  DLD Akita 904W
WALKING HERD SIRE: 80A is out of a cow that always catches your eye
when you enter the field. She is a moderate framed with width and
balance, perfect udder attachment and floor, easy fleshing and structually
sound. 80A boasts a tremendous curve-bender EPD profile. A large,
deep muscled bull striding out on excellent feet & legs. Unfortunately he broke his penis last summer and the 2016 calves will be the last.
Black Angus Reference Sire Boundary Upward 80A
Black Angus Sire SSA
Angus Association Information
Born: 2012   ~ Birth Wt:  75
205 Adj Wt:  707   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1223
DAM:  SSA Akita 76X
WALKING HERD SIRE: This guy checks off a lot of boxes...  Phenotypically 98Z is flawless, very balanced, with lots of muscle expression, great leg structure and big feet.  98Z was used successfully on heifers, has excellent calving ease with a good spread between BW to WW and YW numbers.  98Z had a very nice, quiet disposition. 
Angus Association Information
Born: 2007   ~ Birth Wt:  72
205 Adj Wt:  745   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1531

Calving Ease and Maternal
An Image Maker son out of an In Focus daughter.  Calving ease sire with growth, large scrotal, docility, and daughters with udder quality.  He has exceptional muscle expression and performance for a calving ease bull. Our cow herd has also been positively influenced with the Chinook daughters.
Black Angus Sire SSA 68S RIGHT WAY 134X
Angus Association Information
Born: 2013   ~ Birth Wt:  81
205 Adj Wt:  577   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  909
SIRE:  Connealy Consensus 7229 (featured below)
DAM:  SSAP Ruby 33R
WALKING HERD SIRE: Consensus 112A was kept to use in the heifer pen.  He has excellent CE, BW and Mat CE EPDs, a low BW, nice head and is smooth made.  His dam is from one of South Shadow's strongest cow families, the Rubies.  His Sire is Consensus, a bull known to be highly maternal, and very correct in his make-up.
___________  Walking Herd Bulls : Natural Service : 2016 born calf crop    ___________
REFERENCE SIRES for Registered 2016 born Calves
Angus Association Information
Born: 1986   ~ Birth Wt:  74
205 Adj Wt:  550   ~ 365 Adj Wt:  1008

EXT has made his reputation as the breed's best female maker. He is long since deceased, but is continuing to be used because of his incredible fertility and excellent mothering ability.
Angus Association DataBase Information
Born: 2004   ~ Birth Wt:  90
205 Adj Wt:  995   ~ 365 Adj Wt: 1573
Shares the same cow family as Density, Heritage, Networth and Resource. The (Prospector) May cow family goes back to Jay En Dee Mandy, a cow bred by Don’s parents in the early '80s
His daughters, in production here, are easy-fleshing and good uddered.
Angus Association Information
Born: 2000   ~ Birth Wt:  90
205 Adj Wt: 721   ~ 365 Adj Wt: 1353

A Pathfinder sire
The 31st  annual offering of
home-raised open commercial replacement heifers
available now by private treaty.
The Delorme Livestock Ranch; South Shadow Angus, APHA / AQHA Horses is a family ranch operation in Saskatchewan, Canada, producing black angus seedstock from their registered, purebred black angus herds and breeding Paint, APHA, horses.  The angus seedstock includes registered black angus yearling bulls, commercial angus replacement heifersand bred heifers. The horse program offers prospects for ranch, performance and pleasure in roping, stock, cow, cutting, reined cowhorse events.
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