205 & 365 Average Daily Gain (ADG)  Index:
Comparison of one calf to all other contemporaries in the group with the average being 100.

205 ADG Index    |   365 ADG Index
                              100                            100   

Adjusted 205 and 365 day Weights

        BW: Actual  birthweight (we don't guess)

        Adj 205 (WW) WT:   Weaning weights adjusted to 205 days of age - age of dam is considered in breed association formula

        Adj 365 (YW) WT:   Yearling weights adjusted to 365 days of age by the breed association formula.

On Feed Tests:  will be available on each bull's page

The Yearling test period begins the day they were weaned and ended with the weights taken in early February.  Average daily gain (ADG) was calculated by dividing the pounds gained by test days.

The test weights are for performance comparison within our herd only.  Consider and keep in mind that feed management differs with each program.  We don't feed to obtain and offer heavy weights. The bulls are developed with practical feeding management- on grass at cow's side (with no creep) and wintered on a growing ration to ensure a sound, fertile bull to work in your breeding herd. Nothing hid with feed!

Complete information about how to use and read EPD data can be referenced here

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Getting the Most out of Your Yearling Bulls ___________________________________

Benefits of  Using Yearling Bulls

Utilizing yearling bulls may mean a quicker introduction of superior, economically important genetics into a production herd. This generation interval shortening allow the commercial producer to gain genetic advantage for both replacement and terminal cattle. This allows for gaining an extra year of using superior genetics to improve quality beef calves.

Caring For Your Bull
FEEDING: Remember, your yearling bull still has some growing to do. Feed the young bull well. Depending on your conditions,  a supplemental grain ration may be required,  a mineral pack  in addition to a full feed of good quality hay before and after breeding season until he is matured.  After the first breeding season, continue to feed liberally so that the bull will grow out well.
BREEDING SEASON: Plan to use your bull in a restricted 45 to 60-day breeding season the first time. Observe him closely to be sure he is serving and settling females.

NUMBER OF COWS: Again according to your program's conditions -  the number should be governed by the size of the cow herd, in number and structure as well as the size of the field the herd will cover.  In average, a yearling angus bull can settle 20 cows or heifers quite easily.

MANAGEMENT:  Try not to run yearling bulls with older, more mature bulls. There is a real chance that the younger bull will take a physical beating that may hurt his breeding capability and perhaps cause permanent damage. When a bull reaches 2 years of age, he can usually take care of himself in the bull pen and pasture.

We believe that with a little extra care, the benefits of using yearling bulls
will add profit dollars to your program.

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Why Select a Delorme Bull ? ___________________________________

We want our commercial customers to make the most informed decision possible by offering information on the Sires,  Dams, Performance Data, EPDs, Pictures, and perhaps, most importantly our experience with the breeding herd and their progeny.

·  The young sires tested are all bulls that we are confident will sire quality steers and outstanding replacement females.
·  You will find complete performance and EPD data available for every bull we offer for sale.                                 
·  Above and beyond the paper and numbers, we offer you valuable information about essential cow herd traits that are not addressed directly by performance or EPD data. These include fleshing ability, capacity, fertility, udder quality, gentle dispositon, and structural soundness. We've spent more than five decades working on these things. And our customers  appreciate it.
·  We don't feed to obtain and offer heavy weights. The bulls are developed with practical feeding management and arewintered  in one group.

  Breeding power which is "ranch-conditioned"  not  "over-conditioned". These bulls will be in perfect condition to work in the commercial industry and are prepared for as such. 

·  Herd health program includes: Trasvax 8,  IBR/P13/BVD vaccinated and pesticide poured.

·  Transferred Registration papers allow our Canadian customers to take advantage of the Canadian Angus Association's "Green Tag"  - Canadian Angus Certification Program (CACP)
Canadian Angus - The Premium Advantage
·  If you are interested in purchasing a new herd sire, but aren't sure which bulls would best fit your program, we'd be happy to talk cattle with you.
· The bulls are all guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

·  We do not promote our registered or commercial cattle as breeding stock for another operation if we would not use them ourselves.

South Shadow has the opportunity to test the genetics of their registered herd on a large scale.  In running their own bulls on the family's 400 head of commercial cattle, they can view the impact their breeding choices make in the cow-calf business.

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__  How to Read & Use the Performance Data   __

     As a further means to improve our herd we have submitted animal data to the Canadian Angus Performance Program, CAPP. The first data was submitted with the program's initiation, (over 30 years ago) and along with EPD data offers another tool for our customer's bull selection.

SAMPLE       Average EPDs for all Black Calves born in xxxx Year
                       BW: +2.2           WW: +45          YW: +80          Milk: +19
Canadian Angus Association
Information offered on this page:

How To Read & How To Use the Performance Data

Why Select a Delorme Bull ?

Getting the Most out of Your New Bull

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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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Black Angus Bulls for sale - performance, calving ease, epd
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